The Black Panther Syllabus: The Cultural Film Phenomenon from Yesterday’s, Today’s and Tomorrow’s Perspective and Imagination

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I wrote this Facebook post on 2/16/18: So, my communications degree focused on a critical study of film and television. In addition, my first English course in college was a study of Sci-fi, where I was introduced to Octavia Butler’s work. So, it’s no wonder that I am totally nerding out on Black Panther, (film and sci-fi)! I am still a reader, writer and story nerd at heart, always listening watching and studying those that do. Forever the student, I am always interested in learning and still curious and full of questions.

The addendum: For no other reason than I was completely compelled to, I dug deep with the research to learn all I could about Black Panther. I wanted to know who, what, when, why, where and how. And thus, this syllabus was born.

It can be used to understand the pieces that go into filmmaking, if that’s of interest to you. Or you can focus on the music, culture and beautiful visuals of it all. You can also find out where to start with the comics, if that is of interest to you or your kids. It’s all in here.

Thankful to the resources that made this possible.

Now, I can move forward with my life! I hope you enjoy and get as much out of this as I put into it! #nerdup

Full Cast and Crew

Behind The Story

Based on Marvel Comics created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby starting in 1966

Screenplay written by Ryan Coogler and Joe Robert Cole

The Man Who Put Marvel in the Black (The Undefeated) —

Nate Moore Interview —

Joe Robert Cole Interview —

Ryan Coogler Breaks Down The Making Of ‘Black Panther’, Black Girl Power, & Building Wakanda

Black Panther Townhall on Sway in the Morning —

Christopher Priest (Writer from 1998–2003) On Black Panther —

The Essential Black Panther: Ta-Nehisi Coates —


Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Black Panther Review — a promising, subversive start —

The Words that Build Wakanda: Following Ta-Nehisi Coates’ BLACK PANTHER


The 7 Best ‘Black Panther’ Comics to Read Before the Movie —

The Carcosa Interview: Ta-Nehisi Coates Discusses The Black Panther

Cultural Inspiration —

Pulling Together the Pieces of Visual Storytelling

Meet the production designer behind Black Panther’s Afrofuturist look

Meet the Woman Behind the African Utopia in ‘Black Panther

How Costume Designer Ruth E. Carter Brought the Afrofuture to ‘Black Panther’

Black Panther’s production designer talks bringing the nation of Wakanda to life

The Wardrobe of Wakanda: The Costumes of ‘Black Panther’

‘Black Panther’ Costume Designer Draws On ‘The Sacred Geometry Of Africa’

Exclusive: Designing Wakanda and the Amazing Sets of Black Panther

‘Black Panther’ Costume Designer Ruth Carter: ‘I Was Under a Lot of Pressure to Not Create a Stereotype’ (Glamour)

Adorning Wakanda: Meet Douriean Fletcher, the jewelry designer for ‘Black Panther’ (LA Times)

The Music

The Score

Ludwig Goransson

The Soundtrack

Song Lyrics

Vulture Review

Billboard’s Take

Peripheral Facts and Thoughts

Kevin Fiege

Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Duality in Storytelling

The Provocation and Power of Black Panther (The Atlantic)


The past, present and Afrofuturism of ‘Black Panther’

Beyond ‘Black Panther’: A brief history of Afrofuturism

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