‘Goddess Within’ Subscription Box Makes Self-Care an Empowerment Practice

Creators Rochelle Valsaint and Kia Cunegin believe self-care is a critical and foundational practice in empowering women to live fulfilling lives. These two women who were once colleagues at a senior living community are now partners curating the subscription box making self-care a practice for women who tend to be caregivers in so many areas of their lives. Whether a Mom, wife, single or married, women are helping others in our families and communities. And too many times, we are doing that at the expense of our own care, putting ourselves last. Kia and I came to connect and know each other more as we exchanged inspiring practices we both were doing for our own wellbeings. Those initial conversations blossomed into encouraging and uplifting each other in our professional and personal lives. Recently, we were each facing our own challenges and met up to discuss our vision for what’s next. That conversation led to the creation of ‘Goddess Within.’ And I can’t wait to see the community of women we build.

Stay tuned for upcoming details.

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