Ms. Inc. Midlife: Side Hustlin’ to the Off Corporate Ramp

Me at Notre Dame (in the yellow coat) with a few of the ladies whose hair I did in my early “doing hair” days.

The pursuit of entrepreneurship hits different when you’re 47, corporate secure (or insecure, depending upon how you look at it) peri-menopausal, co-parenting (a high schooler and a college student) and planning to move your aging Mom in with you. …

Mignon Francios

Entrepreneur: Mignon Francois

Business: The Cupcake Collection

Started Business: 2008

Locations: Nashville, TN and New Orleans, LA

Instagram: @thecupcakecollection

Revenue: $10 Million

Instagram and the curated world of the interwebs show you the glory of Black women entrepreneurs but, that’s only a part of the story. I believe it is…

Photo from Unsplash stock photography.

Thank you for shining the spotlight on Black women entrepreneurs.

Thank you for your commitment to saying the names of the amazing Black women behind brands we are proud of and love.

Thank you for answering the call on your life to create ‘She Did That’ film.

I’ve known Renae…

BJ’s Hair Care and Nails tshirt circa 1989.
My Mama’s business tshirts circa 1990.

I love Black women entrepreneurs! When did that start, you ask? Well, my mother was a Black woman entrepreneur in New Orleans in the 80s and early 90s in a city where Black entrepreneurs still find it challenging, today, to start and sustain. Her beauty salon, BJ’s Hair Care and…

Rochelle Valsaint

Black women entrepreneurs biggest fan | daughter of a Black woman entrepreneur | NOLA’s finest living in Atlanta.

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